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Call to action for our veterans

posted Oct 26, 2012, 11:43 AM by Greg Hamper

Young Marines,

With only a little over two weeks remaining until Veteran’s day, time for planning is running short.  I think that each Young Marines should make a serious effort to be of service to our veterans.  You can visit those who are shut in, like our friends in a retirement home or nursing home.  You can send letters of thanks to family members and friends who have served our country.  Perhaps you could create a nice message and read it (in uniform) with your heart felt voice, at your church service. You could show up unannounced at a restaurant and buy breakfast, lunch or dinner for the veterans in the restaurant.  There is also the call to serve at the Elks Lodge, (63 Parrish Road, Conneaut, OH), as our unit will be performing a Flag Folding.  This is the organized action our unit has elected to do together.  We now need more Young Marines to volunteer for this gig.   We will be servers for the veteran’s dinner, and perform a flag folding. The uniform for this gig will be full cammie uniform.  There has only been seven of you to volunteer for this, and we should have at least fifteen.

Regardless of what you choose to do for United States of America’s veterans, do it with respect.  These woman and men served in times of peace and in war; they are the people who helped each of us maintain our rights and allow us to enjoy our freedom.  Just a little effort on your part, could give them the understanding of how much their service does mean to you.

Greg Hamper, Adjutant & Webmaster